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Our experts analyze real estate data weekly across all U.S. zip codes to provide concise reports delivered directly to your email inbox so you can easily track accurate data for your desired area.

The top of the market often behaves differently than the bottom, therefore we separate our data into market segments allowing you to view data for your specific price range.

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Is the Market Up in Smoke?

By TaylorAnne Walker Last month fires burned across North Idaho and smoke filled the skies for miles. My daughter lives to be outside and one of these mornings she said, “Let’s go outside and play!” She was very disappointed when I informed her that we could not go outside due to the smoke. She looked […]
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The $100,000 Freezer

According to the Bible, Sampson slew 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Every year thousands of real estate transactions are lost with the same weapon. In a previous life, I was fortunate enough to work in the home office of the world’s largest company. Very interesting dynamics and we never knew who was […]
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Market Segments

In today’s column, we are NOT going to discuss the market. Rather, we ARE discussing how to read and interpret the data when you do choose to look at the market. People often ask, “How is the market? Where is it going? How has it been?” Mark Twain said it best, “There are three types […]
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Facetious Real Estate Terms

I love words. Words matter. What is your favorite word? I have one that is a favorite, and I have two together that are absolutely my favorite. The single best word in the English language uses every vowel. It also uses every vowel in order, and you can also use “Y.” It is fun to […]
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Unintended Consequences

Some would say there are three categories of unintended consequences. The unexpected benefit, which is a positive, but unplanned, outcome. The unexpected drawback, in which we create a problem that is apart from the problem we wish to solve. And perverse results, where, in trying to solve a problem, we actually make it worse. I […]
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How To Ensure You Are Insured

Hey Max: Home values and building costs are rising. How can I ensure my home is protected so if my home burned to the ground I can afford to rebuild? To educate prospective homebuyers about their property insurance needs, the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) have released The Homebuyers Insurance Handbook. […]
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